How to Use Your Child’s Expander

Using and expander in child's mouthFind a place in the house that is comfortable, where your son/ daughter can lay on their back with their head tilted backward. (Looking up toward the ceiling).

Sitting along side of them have them open their mouths, insert the key at a 90 degree angle or straight ahead depending on how you hold the key.

Insert the key. You may have to tilt the key to insert it into the hole in the expander. The hole that you want to insert the key into is the one closest to the front of their mouths.

Then turn the key toward the back of their throat.

To complete the turn remove the key STRAIGHT down. Make sure that this is straight down because you do not want to reverse the turn.

HINT: Sometimes when you look into the mouth you may not see the hole in the front; it may be in the middle. If this is the case insert the key into the hole and turn in to the back. Then proceed with your normal turn.

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