Invisalign Teen Before & After Pictures


Laura resolved her spacing issues with Invisalign. Now the gap between her front teeth is gone and her smile looks beautiful!


Carrie’s teeth were crowded which was causing some of them to become crooked. She used Invisalign to improve the spacing in her mouth and straighten her teeth.




In addition to Crowding, Haven also had Narrow Arches.





Jonathan K







This patient wanted her overbite corrected, but did not want braces.  Here is a progress photo taken after 14 months of Invisalign and some elastic wear with her aligners.  The change in her smile is stunning!


We used an upper expander for a short time to correct the crossbite of this young woman. This was followed by Invisalign treatment for 24 months. You can see in this close-up that the normal overlap of bottom and top teeth is reversed. Now Chandra has a beautiful smile, and can finally enjoy food that was difficult to chew before.


We did a 2 Phase Treatment with Kendall beginning with expansion in her upper jaw only early ( age 8) to correct crowding and a crossbite. Later, she had Invisalign as a teenager to correct to final bite problems and give her a celebrity smile.


This 12 year old patient did not want braces, but like most pre-teens wanted a beautiful smile ( less the open bite and spacing). Here she is after 12 months of Teen Invisalign and some elastics.  Bite is ideal and her smile is a knockout.


We did a 2 Phase Treatment with Miles. In the first phase, at age 8, we did some expansion in both the top and bottom with fixed metal braces to correct the crowding problem. Later, at age 13, we used Invisalign to align all his adult teeth.  His smile tells the story of his success!


Ryan is a college student who did not want braces, but wanted to correct his crossbite and improve his smile.  Here is a recent photo with his crossbite corrected and his smile looking fabulous!


Vance was treated in two phases. We treated him early with expansion on both jaws to gain space for his permanent teeth. Expansion is always best done before age 10 if possible.

As a young teenager, he was not excited about a second phase with braces, so Teen Invisalign was his first choice and he has done his part magnificently as you can see from his handsome new smile.


Carol presented with severe crowding and overbite. Treatment time was 20 months for this beautiful result.



Jonathan H


Megan began with a Class 3 Open Bite. Now look at her beautiful smile.


Michael came to us with a Class 3 Overbite. Now his smile is handsome and healthy.


Braces Patient 1

This patient was treated early in a Phase 1 treatment using upper and lower expanders and partial braces.

Braces Patient 2

A Phase 1 treatment with expansion and partial braces.  We placed fixed retainers at this stage to hold the expansion as we monitored the eruption of the permanent teeth.

Braces Patient 3

A severe bite problem that needed early treatment to correct the alignment of the jaws.  This patient had expansion in the upper jaw and partial braces to correct the bite problem.  These types of bite problems need to be monitored carefully as the child grows to make sure the jaw alignment does not revert back to the underbite relationship.

Braces Patient 4

This patient had severe crowding and crooked teeth.  We were able to treat her without extracting teeth and you can see her fabulous new smile.

Braces Patient 5

This patient had crowded, crooked teeth.  We used an expansion appliance in her upper jaw to make the extra room.  The final photo shows her stunning new smile.