New Technologies


New software has provided us with digital study models. This amazing technology
has measuring capabilities and various viewing options. The usual pre-treatment
impressions are still taken, but instead of making plaster models, they are converted
into 3-dimensional computer images. This technology expands our digital capabilities,
not only with enhanced measurement, but also with treatment projections.


This new technology has allowed us to create a secure and easy way for our patients
to access their financial ledger, photos, x-rays, and future appointments

Comprehensive X-ray Diagnosis

Our in-house X-ray lab provides us with the finest X-ray equipment with our new
Panorex CMT machine. With a computerized tomographic X-ray unit, we have
unequaled X-ray technique for monitoring the jaw position within the jaw
joint (TMJ). Our radiography is all-digital, providing the ability to adjust
and enhance X-rays with the touch of a finger, eliminating retakes. With
the comprehensive diagnosis these X-rays provide, Drs. Cater and Galante
can best determine the specific needs of each patient.

Digital X-rays

— No more films, no more developing, no more waiting! Images in an instant!
Phosphorous plates are used when the X-ray is taken, the image is loaded
into the computer and then the plate is cleared with light exposure and ready
to use again. The result — a very detailed film that can be magnified, lightened
or darkened, made 3D and much more, all with the touch of the finger. In
addition the digital x-ray provides a 90% reduction in radiation than the
traditional dental x-ray film used in most offices.

Drs. Cater and Galante use all images to diagnose treatment at your very
first appointment! Aren’t computers amazing?!

Computer Network

Our database is fully digitized, computerized and completely networked throughout
all 3 of our offices. This allows us access to all appointments, account
information, X-rays and photos for all patients from any one of our offices.
This gives patients the convenience of switching between all 3 offices if
the need occurs.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We continually maintain a modern up-to-date office. We are frequently
adding new advances in our diagnostic and treatment delivery system,
as well as our computer and Internet technology.