Perk Alert!

Cater Galante Perk Alert

The research team at the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine wanted to know: Since coffee contains antioxidants, and antioxidants fight periodontal disease, does coffee help fight periodontal disease? Daily Cup of Joe The Journal of Periodontology published the results: “We found that coffee consumption did not have an adverse effect on […]

Is Your Dental Insurance Ruining Your Teeth?

Cater Galante Dental Insurance

Across America, people are dropping their dental insurance, thus paying out of pocket for procedures and skipping routine exams altogether. We are all well aware that dental coverage is extremely important. It would be great if preventative care were covered 100 percent across the board, but sadly it’s not. Dental insurance is designed to aid […]

Advances in Technology—My, How Far We’ve Come!

Cater Galante King Richard III Skull

While browsing some dental articles recently, I came across an article which reported that testing done on bone chemistry revealed more information about the royal lifestyle of King Richard III! Our Teeth: A Unique Footprint of Our Lives The article states that a recent study conducted by the British Geological Survey, in association with researchers […]

Better Late Than Never, Right? Wrong!

Cater Galante Malocclusions

Do you suspect an overbite problem in your child? Don’t wait until he or she is older to have it corrected! When a patient has an overbite, it is usually because the upper jaw is deficient. This causes the upper teeth to overlap the lower teeth, beyond what’s normal. It is important for treatment to […]

Fast and Effective: AcceleDent® Aura!

AcceleDent and braces in the news

In last week’s post we introduced the innovative technology of AcceleDent® Aura! This exclusive routine speeds up the movement of your teeth in less time than braces or other traditional orthodontic treatments. Patients have also reported reduced pain and discomfort. The small, lightweight activator provides gentle micropulses that speed up the bone remodeling process. It […]