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Your orthodontic treatment journey

Your first visit

Embarking on your orthodontic treatment journey is an exciting time. Taking the first step is a real achievement. After that, you're well on your way to a new smile. At Cater Galante Orthodontics, our friendly team of orthodontic professionals are with you every step of the way. They can answer any questions you have, provide top tips and advice to making your treatment easier and more comfortable, and will be there at the end to share in your success. 

Your first visit

Your first visit with us at Cater Galante Orthodontics is free. This is our chance to fully assess your orthodontic needs and prepare a unique treatment plan just for you. At this appointment we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your orthodontic needs, which may require us to take a panoramic X-ray and photos of your teeth and face. 

We will then prepare a treatment plan for you, which outlines the different treatment methods we believe would be of most benefit for you, the length of time this treatment will take and how much it will cost. 

If you're ready to start treatment the same day as your consultation, just let our staff know and we can be sure to have the time available. 

Your fitting appointment

Once you have decided to proceed with treatment, the next appointment is your fitting appointment. This is when we fit your braces or aligners to your teeth. This appointment will last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, depending on your treatment method. There may be an additional appointment or two if you need to have an appliance placed. 

At this appointment, we will clearly explain how to care for your braces or appliance as well as how to look after your teeth while wearing braces. This will include a list of foods you can and can't eat during treatment. 

Our team wants to ensure you have everything you need for a successful and enjoyable treatment journey. That is why we take time to listen, and explain everything to you. 

During treatment

Once your braces or aligners have been fitted, you will only need to come in for an appointment with our specialist orthodontists once every five to twelve weeks. To ensure your treatment progresses as planned, it is important to keep these appointments, follow instructions, and practice good oral hygiene and proper nutrition in between visits. It is also important that you continue to get regular cleanings with your general dentist. 

After treatment

Finishing your treatment is a really exciting time. You get to see your newly straightened teeth. For many of our patients, this brings a real boost to their self-confidence. However, it's not the end of treatment. Rather, you're embarking on the most important phase - retention. 

Retainers are utilized to hold your teeth in their new position until your bone, gums and muscles adapt. We use two different types of retainers: removable retainers which look like sports mouth guards and fixed retainers, which is a very thin wire fitted to the back of your teeth. Both are very effective methods for keeping your teeth in their new position... as long as you wear them!

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