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What our patients say

We have worked hard here at Cater Galante Orthodontics to create a warm and welcoming orthodontic practice, a place where each of our patients, no matter what age, can feel relaxed and comfortable about having orthodontic treatment.

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I am a 64-year-old female who felt silly getting braces or Invisalign. I opted for the Invisalign and absolutely love them. They are very easy to wear and easy to keep clean. I am on my sixth aligner and already see a difference in my teeth. Not only do I love them but the doctor and staff are wonderful to work with.

Candy B.

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I have had a wonderful experience here with Cater and Galante Orthodontics! I am so happy with the results am and getting and happy to hear that they will work with me until my smile in perfect! Thanks again you guys are awesome!!

Brittany D.

Marci M.

It has raised my confidence…

I have always wanted braces since I was a little girl. I never liked smiling, because my teeth were crooked and had a gap in the front. At 30-years-old and a mother a four children, my dentist suggested that I get braces. He referred me to Drs. Cater and Galante. Since I got the braces off, it has raised my confidence more and I feel I can smile without being embarrassed about my smile. If my children ever need braces, I will definitely bring them to Drs. Cater and Galante. Thank you!

Marci M., Roseville, CA

Misty Y.

Couldn’t be happier

Couldn’t be happier. Professional, courteous, forward thinking, EFFECTIVE! Just 8 weeks into my treatment, things are moving, periodontal problems improving in a major way. Went for cleaning and heard, “Wow, your pockets have gone from 7’s to 3’s!” Yeah. I’m stoked! Way to go Dr. Galante! I appreciate you and your team so much!

Misty Y., Reno, NV

Ethan H.

It is amazing how fast the results are

Hi! My name is Ethan. When you walk into Dr. Galante’s office you feel so welcome and all the staff are so friendly. They are always so nice. When I got a Herbst appliance, I had a lot of canker sores and Dr. Galante called just to see how I was doing. The canker sores are gone now. The good thing is that canker sores don’t last long and once you get them you will never get them in that spot again. It is amazing how fast the results are. I have had my braces for three months and I can already see the difference. So if you are looking for an orthodontist then I suggest Cater Galante. They are awesome.

Ethan H., Grass Valley, CA

Shanley D.

Dr. Galante made it fun

Before I got my braces on I was so nervous. But when I did I could barely feel anything. Dr. Galante made it fun. Now I have a beautiful smile.

Shanley D., Rocklin, CA

Vaughn O

I love going to Cater Galante Orthodontics, they are more like a family there to me! Always encouraging and uplifting. I always leave with a smile on my face.

Vaughn O

Brandon E.

The staff is always super friendly and professional. We live in Sacramento and have to drive to Rocklin. We were accommodated wonderfully when getting braces removed by scheduling the removal and retainer fitting in the same day to prevent multiple days taking off work/school and mega-driving. Thank you, thank you!

Brandon E.

Amanda F.

Growing up I was so insecure about my smile! I had a major overbite and also a bad gap. Cater Galante Orthodontics completely changed all of that for me! I did the invisalign and it was just amazing! No one even knew that my teeth were getting corrected! My teeth were pretty bad off and it only took just over a year to be corrected!! I now have a perfect smile! The whole team here at Cater and Galante is just amazing!!! Everyone is so nice, welcoming, friendly, and make you feel so comfortable! They made my whole process a great experience! I am so thankful for all of them!

Amanda F.

Tisha D.

Cater Galante is the best orthodontist place I've been to! They're really good at communicating with their patients, like sending out helpful reminders of any upcoming visits and getting to know us personally. It makes me feel like they genuinely care, not just for our teeth but for me as well. They're also very understanding; I was recently supposed to get impressions for a new retainer, but I haven't been wearing my aligners due to my lack of responsibility so my teeth shifted back, but Cater Galante was understanding and let me reschedule it to a time convenient for me until I could get my teeth to how I wanted them to look like. They also give out prizes and do fun contests to get to know their patients more, and I remember my sister and I stopped by because they were serving pumpkin pie for free! I love the birthday cards they've sent me with their signatures. I just love Cater Galante!

Tisha D.

Wendy S.

Both of my daughters have done all their orthodontic work here! We love everything about the office! The staff, from front desk to the ortho assistants, are amazing! Both doctors are friendly and explain everything so it's understandable. I'm actually sad that my youngest will be finishing her Invisalign plan in the next month. We will miss seeing everyone! Thanks for taking care of my girls!

Wendy S., Rocklin Ca

The most positive experience

My son has had the most positive experience at Cater and Galante Orthodontics. He actually looks forward to his visits as the staff are always very friendly, the wait is minimal, and the care has been excellent. The office does a great job communicating with their patients about appointments, specials, and treatments. We have recommended them to several of our friends who have had very positive experiences as well. As an added bonus, their pricing and payment options were much better than other leading orthodontists in the area.

Jenny and Colton H., Grass Valley, CA

So glad to have selected this office

As a new patient, we wanted to let you know how great your office staff are. Every person I have interacted with at the Rocklin office has been extremely helpful. I have never experienced such a positive and hard working staff. We are so glad to have selected this office.

Janine M., Rocklin, CA

Not only care and gentleness, but love

Dr. Galante is an awesome Orthodontist. She treats you with not only care and gentleness, but love. Before they even start working on your teeth they explain everything they are going to do. They make you feel perfectly comfortable, sorta like sitting at home in your Lazy-boy chair. I am so pleased with the way my teeth have turned out. I can actually smile and feel like I have a pretty smile. Thanks Dr. Galante.

Heather V., Grass Valley, CA

Amazing and wonderful staff

My teeth look and feel great thanks to the amazing and wonderful staff who made this experience very enjoyable.

Anna K., Penn Valley, CA

Because of you, I smile so much

Thank you so much. Without you I’d still be embarrassed to smile. Because of you, I smile so much. You guys are so nice!

Linda P., Grass Valley, CA

Because of you, I smile so much

Thank you so much. Without you I’d still be embarrassed to smile. Because of you, I smile so much. You guys are so nice!

Krysta S., Penn Valley, CA

Kindness and a caring spirit

Over the time that I had braces at Cater Galante Orthodontics, the staff and Doctors treated me with kindness and a caring spirit. I only needed to come in once for a problem and even then, though they might have been swamped with patients, they still helped me and fixed the problem. That’s the kindness everyone should get in life.

Brett S., Penn Valley, CA

As an adult…

This is the best place! As an adult I thought I would feel like an alien in a place where most of the patients were kids. I was pleased to find that I was treated in a very professional way by the whole staff from the girls at the front desk and back to the chair. Dr. Galante explained everything to me in detail, which I really appreciate.

Margaret T., Grass Valley, CA

By far the most excellent care out there

SMILE…and let the whole world see! Our 14-year-old son has been wearing Invisalign aligners now for almost a year and his teeth have never looked better. He is very confident when he smiles and takes pleasure to smile with his teeth showing for family photos! His parents love that! We have been with Cater Galante Orthodontics now for many years having had four people in our family go through braces/Invisaligns. This is by far the most excellent care out there for this field and what joy it is to go into the office and see the smiles of all the employees there. This IS a 5 star business!

Heather, Grass Valley, CA

Having a dental background … I am very finicky

I have been a dental hygienist for five years and have seen a lot of orthodontic work in this time. Having a dental background and seeing all the different orthodontists’ work, I am very finicky about proper alignment of teeth while achieving great esthetics.

I can say that I am very impressed with Cater and Galante’s work. In fact, so much that I chose them to do my orthodontics. I was very satisfied with their professional and friendly staff and, most importantly, my beautiful, properly aligned teeth. I would recommend this practice to anyone seeking orthodontic care.

Robyn L, RDH, Penn Valley, CA

From ugly to outstanding

Drs. Cater and Galante made my teeth go from ugly to outstanding. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Jennifer M., Roseville, CA

Wonderful visits every time

Thank you so much for my straight teeth and wonderful visits every time. You’ve helped my confidence like you wouldn’t believe. So thank you very, very much.

Hannah T., Rocklin, CA

Very rewarding

This whole process was very rewarding. I thank everyone in the office for having to put up with me. I also thank you guys for making my teeth beautiful.

Zachary K., Rocklin, CA

They are the “gold standard”

If we were to have conceived an “ideal” experience for our daughter’s Orthodontic experience, it couldn’t have been more exceptional and professional than what we experienced at Drs. Cater and Galante Orthodontics. They are the “gold standard” in professionalism, warmth and caring of their patients. We whole heartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a FIRST CLASS Orthodontic experience.

DeeDee and Gary S., Loomis, CA

Now I love to smile

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me through this process. I feel much better about myself and now love to smile.

Angela W., Rocklin, CA

I will continue to recommend this office to everyone

Thank you so much for giving me a straight smile. It has given me more confidence and I have enjoyed coming to this office. I will continue to recommend this office to everyone.

Gianni P., Rocklin, CA

The most fun I have ever had!

Getting braces was the most fun I have ever had!

Chris S., Rocklin, CA

What an awesome experience

What an awesome experience I had at the office of Drs. Cater and Galante. Cheers to my great smile, and cheers to great people and the Best Orthodontic office ever!

Courtney Z., Rocklin, CA

… in a heartbeat

I would get another set of braces in a heartbeat. I am going to miss the staff!

Cindy T., Rocklin, CA

I love it here!

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Everyone here at Cater Galante Orthodontics is so kind and friendly! I love it here! Thank you so much!

Nikki L., Rocklin, CA

Your work is amazing!

Your work is amazing! Thank you for my new gift of straight teeth. Your office is friendly and helpful. This office is my first dental/orthodontic office that I wasn’t scared of. Everyone works so hard to make the patients feel comfortable. I really appreciate it.

Stephanie C., Rocklin, CA

We love Cater & Galante! Everyone in the office is so friendly & helpful. We are love the results we are seeing in our son's teeth and look forward to the final outcome.

Sarah S.

This office is fantastic! We came there for a consult for my 7-year-old daughter yesterday, and every person we worked with was great. There was even a game area for my two other children. The treatment options were explained fully so that both I and my daughter understood, and the payment options were provided - in writing - so that I could weigh our options and know what was included in the price. We look forward to working with everyone and feel very fortunate to have found this group!

Autumn R.

Having gone to Dr. Galante since I was in fourth grade, I was welcomed with familiar smiling faces and was able to reconnect on a personal level with the staff. I was impressed with the new facility! I trust completely the knowledge and skill at Dr Galante's office and I look forward to receiving my new Vivera retainers!

Maria V.

I took my 10-year-old daughter to see Dr. Galante with the referral from her regular dentist. We were there to have her evaluated to find out if she needed braces. The staff were very pleasant and welcoming, the office is very child-friendly, and my daughter felt very comfortable with everything they asked her to do for the assessment. I would recommend this practice to anyone who is considering orthodontic care.

Claudine N.

Our family really recommends Cater Galante Orthodontics! The service is A+, the communication is A+ and the friendly staff are priceless! My two daughters have had phase one and two with Cater Galante Orthodontics and both girls suffer from "dental phobias"..but because C&G are so kind and patient my daughters are overcoming it! As a matter of fact my shy daughter has gained confidence! Also I had my braces through C&G! I love my smile Now!

Margie M.